BZU Admissions Multan 2024 | BZU Online Admission All Program List

BZU Admissions Multan 2024 | BZU Online Admission All Program List

Bahauddin Zakariya University BZU admissions Multan are open now for this year session in all programs.Those who are repeater or free from exam may apply for admissions in below listed programs.BZU admission advertisement officially uploaded on official website and ppscresult sharing complete details of bzu online admission application process from this page.

Bahauddin Zakariya University BZU Multan currently open admissions 2024 for undergraduate and postgraduate programs,MS,Mphill and PhD program.Those students who want to get regular and private admissions in BS, MS, MPhil, and Ph.D Morning/Evening programs have a great opportunity to apply for admissions 2024.BZU south Punjab no.1 university which has multiple campuses in different cities of Pakistan candidates also apply for sub campus of bzu within nearest city.

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BZU Admissions Program List:

  • Under Graduate Programs
  • M.Phil / MS / MSc ( Hons) Programs
  • Ph.D. Programs

Details of BZU Under Graduates Programs,Fee Structure,Merit

Degree – ProgramDurationFee/YearMerit
B.Sc. – Agricultural Business4 Years3984570.43
B.Sc. [Hons] – Agriculture4 Years3984570
B.Sc. [Engg.] – Agriculture Engineering4 Years61845NA
BS – AnthropologyAdmission4 Years3984570
BS – Applied Psychology4 Years3984570
BS – Arabic4 Years3984560
B.ARCH – Architecture5 Years6184573.38
BBA (H) – Banking & Finance4 Years3984570
AD – Banking & Finance2 Years39845NA
BS – Biochemistry4 Years3984570
BS – Biotechnology4 Years3984570
BS – Botany4 Years3984570
BS – Broadcast Journalism4 YearsNANA
B.Sc. [Engg.] – Building & Architectural Engineering4 Years39845NA
BBA (H) – Business Administration4 Years3984560
BS – Business Economics4 YearsNANA
BS – Chemistry4 Years3984570
B.Sc. [Engg.] – Civil4 Years6184577.07
B.COM [HONS] – Commerce4 Years3984560
BS – Communication Studies4 Years3984570
B.Sc. [Engg.] – Computer Engineering4 Years6184574.92
BS – Computer Science4 Years3984570
BS – Conflict & Peace Studies4 YearsNANA
BS – Criminology4 YearsNANA
BS – Defense & Strategic Studies4 YearsNANA
B.DES – Design4 Years3984560
BS – Development Studies4 Years39845NA
BS – Economics4 Years3984560
BS – Economics & Finance4 Years39845NA
BS – Education4 Years3984560.81
B.ED (HONS) – Education [elementary]4 Years3984553.63
BS – Education [secondary]1.5 Years39845NA
BS – Education [special]4 Years3984560.81
BS – Educational Planning & Management4 YearsNANA
B.Sc. [Engg.] – Electrical4 Years6184577.60
BA [PASS] – English2 Years3984560
BS – Entrepreneurship4 Years39845NA
BS – Environmental Sciences4 Years3984570
B.Sc. [Hons] – Farm Management4 Years3984560
BS (HONS) – Finance & Accounting4 Years3984560
BFA – Fine Arts4 Years3984560
B.Sc. [Hons] – Food Science & Technology4 Years3984560
BS – Forestry4 Years3984560.81
BS – Gender Studies4 Years3984560
BS – Geography4 YearsNANA
BS – Graphic Designing4 YearsNANA
BS – Heritage Management4 YearsNANA
BS – History4 Years3984560
B.Sc. [Hons] – Human Diet & Nutrition4 Years39845NA
BS – Information Technology4 Years4588070
BS – International Relations4 Years3984560
BS – Islamic Studies4 Years3984560
LLB – Law5 Years40000NA
BS – Library & Information Science4 YearsNANA
BS – Mass Communication4 YearsNANA
BS – Mathematics4 Years3984565
B.Sc. [Engg.] – Mechanical4 Years6184576.5
B.Sc. – Metallurgy & Materials4 Years3984573.86
BS – Microbiology & Molecular Genetics4 Years3984570
BS – Molecular Biology4 YearsNANA
BS – Pakistan Studies4 Years3984560
PHARM.D – Pharmacy5 Years7943070
BS – Philosophy4 Years3984570
BS – Physics4 Years3984560
BS – Political Science4 Years3984560
BS – Poultry Sciences4 Years39845NA
BS – Public Administration4 Years3984560
BS – Public Health4 YearsNANA
BS – Public Policy4 Years3984560
BS – Saraiki4 Years3984560
BS – Social Work4 YearsNANA
BS – Sociology4 Years3984560
BS – Sport Sciences4 YearsNANA
BS – Statistics4 Years3984565
B.Sc. – Telecom Systems4 Years6184570
B.Sc. [Engg.] – Textile Engineering4 Years6184571.32
BS – Urdu4 Years3984560
DVM – Veterinary Medicine5 Years4644570
B.Sc. [Hons] – Water Management4 Years3984560
BS – Zoology4 Years3984560

Details of BZU Master,MA,MSc Programs,Fee Structure,Merit

Degree – ProgramDurationFee/YearMerit
M.Sc. – Anthropology2 Years40000NA
M.Sc. – Applied Psychology2 Years4000045
MA – Arabic2 Years4000045
M.Sc. – Banking & Finance2 Years40000NA
M.Sc. – Biochemistry2 Years40000NA
M.Sc. – Biostatistics2 Years40000NA
M.Sc. – Biotechnology2 Years40000NA
M.Sc. – Botany2 Years4000045
MBA [EXE] – Business Administration2 Years4000050
MB.ECON – Business Economics2 Years40000NA
M.Sc. – Business Economics2 YearsNANA
M.Sc. – Business Statistics & Management2 Years40000NA
M.Sc. – Chemistry2 Years4000045
M.Com. – Commerce2 Years4000050
MCS – Computer Science2 Years4000050
MA – Conflict & Peace Studies2 YearsNANA
MA – Criminology2 YearsNANA
M.Sc. – Economics2 Years4000045
M.Ed. – Education1 Years40000NA
MA – Education [secondary]2 YearsNANA
MA – Education [special]1 Years40000NA
MA – Educational Planning & Management2 Years4000045
MA – English2 Years4000045
MA – English Linguistics & Literature2 Years40000NA
M.Sc. – Finance & Accounting2 Years4000045
MA – Gender Studies2 Years40000NA
M.Sc. – Geography2 Years40000NA
MA – Government & Public Polic2 Years40000NA
MA – History2 Years4000045
MBA – Human Resources Management2 Years40000NA
M.Sc. – Industrial Electronics2 Years40000NA
MIT – Information Technology2 Years40000NA
MA – International Relations2 Years4000045
MA – Islamic Studies2 Years4000045
MA – Journalism2 Years4000045
MA – Library & Information Science2 YearsNANA
M.Sc. – Mass Communication2 Years40000NA
M.Sc. – Mathematics2 Years40000NA
MA – Pakistan Studies2 Years4000045
MA – Philosophy2 Years40000NA
M.Sc. – Physics2 Years4000045
MA – Political Science2 Years4000045
MPA – Public Administration2 Years40000NA
MA – Public Policy2 Years40000NA
MA – Saraiki2 Years40000NA
M.Sc. – Sociology2 Years4000045
M.Sc. – Sport Sciences2 Years40000NA
M.Sc. – Statistics2 Years4000045
M.Sc. – Telecom Systems2 Years40000NA
MA – Urdu2 Years4000045
M.Sc. – Zoology2 Years4000045

Details of BZU MS M Phill Masters Programs,Fee Structure,Merit

Degree – ProgramDurationFee/YearMerit
M.Sc. [Hons] – Agriculture Engineering2 Years7000050
MS – Agronomy2 Years70000NA
M.Phil. – Applied Psychology2 Years70000NA
M.Phil. – Arabic2 Years700005
MBA – Banking & Finance2 YearsNANA
MS – Biochemistry2 Years70000NA
MS – Biotechnology2 Years70000NA
M.Phil. – Botany2 Years7000060
MBA – Business Administration2.5 Years70000NA
MBA – Business Administration1.5 Years70000NA
MS – Business Administration2 Years7000050
M.Phil. – Business Economics2 Years7000050
MS – Business Finance2 Years7000060
M.Phil. – Chemistry2 Years7000060
M.SC. [ ENGG.] – Civil2 Years70000NA
MS – Commerce2 Years70000NA
MS – Computer Science2 Years70000NA
M.Phil. – Economics2 Years7000060
M.Phil. – Education2 Years7000060
M.Phil. – Education [secondary2 Years70000NA
M.SC. [ ENGG.] – Electrical2 Years70000NA
MS – English2 Years70000NA
MS – Entomology2 Years70000NA
MS – Entrepreneurship2 Years70000NA
MS – Environmental Sciences2 Years70000NA
MS – Food Science & Technology2 Years70000NA
MS – Forestry & Range Management2 Years70000NA
M.Phil. – History2 Years7000060
MS – Horticulture2 Years70000NA
MS – Human Diet & Nutrition2 Years70000NA
MBA – Human Resources Management2 YearsNANA
M.SC. [ ENGG.] – Hydraulics & Irrigation Engineering2 Years70000NA
MS – Information Technology2 Years70000NA
MBA – Insurance & Risk Management2 YearsNANA
M.Phil. – International Relations2 Years70000NA
MBA – Islamic Banking2 YearsNANA
M.Phil. – Islamic Studies2 Years7000060
MS – Islamic Thought & Civilization2 Years70000NA
LLM – Law2 Years70000NA
MBA – Marketing2 YearsNANA
MS – Mass Communication2 Years70000NA
M.Phil. – Mathematics2 Years7000060
M.SC. [ ENGG.] – Mechanical2 Years70000NA
MS – Microbiology2 Years70000NA
M.Phil. – Pakistan Studies2 Years70000NA
MS – Parasitology2 Years70000NA
MS – Pathology2 Years70000NA
M.Phil. – Pharmaceutical Chemistry2 Years70000NA
M.Phil. – Pharmaceutics2 Years7000060
M.Phil. – Pharmacology2 Years70000NA
MS – Pharmacy Practice2 Years70000NA
M.Phil. – Physics2 Years7000060
MS – Plant Breeding & Genetics2 Years70000NA
MS – Plant Pathology2 Years70000NA
M.Phil. – Political Science2 Years70000NA
M.Phil. – Public Administration2 Years70000NA
M.Phil. – Saraiki2 Years70000NA
MS – Sociology2 Years70000NA
MS – Soil Science2 Years70000NA
M.Phil. – Statistics2 Years7000060
M.SC. [ ENGG.] – Textile Engineering2 Years70000NA
M.SC. [ ENGG.] – Transportation Engineering2 Years70000NA
M.Phil. – Urdu2 Years7000060
M.Phil. – Zoology2 Years7000060

Details of BZU PhD Programs,Fee Structure,Merit

Degree – ProgramDurationFee/YearMerit
Ph.D. – Agriculture Engineering3 Years7000060
Ph.D. – Agronomy3 Years70000NA
Ph.D. – Arabic3 Years7000060
Ph.D. – Biochemistry3 Years70000NA
Ph.D. – Biotechnology3 Years7000060
Ph.D. – Botany3 Years70000NA
Ph.D. – Business Administration3 Years7000060
Ph.D. – Chemistry3 Years7000060
Ph.D. – Civil3 Hours70000NA
Ph.D. – Commerce3 Years70000NA
Ph.D. – Computer Science3 Years70000NA
Ph.D. – Economics3 Years7000060
Ph.D. – Education3 Years7000060
Ph.D. – English3 Years7000060
Ph.D. – Entomology3 Years70000NA
Ph.D. – Food Science & Technology3 Years70000NA
Ph.D. – Forestry & Range Management3 Years70000NA
Ph.D. – History3 Years7000060
Ph.D. – Horticulture3 Years70000NA
Ph.D. – Islamic Studies3 Years70000NA
Ph.D. – Law3 Years70000NA
Ph.D. – Mass Communication3 Years70000NA
Ph.D. – Mathematics3 Years70000NA
Ph.D. – Pakistan Studies3 Years7000060
Ph.D. – Parasitology3 Years7000060
Ph.D. – Pharmaceutics3 Years70000NA
Ph.D. – Pharmacology3 Years7000060
Ph.D. – Physics3 Years7000060
Ph.D. – Plant Breeding & Genetics3 Years70000NA
Ph.D. – Plant Pathology3 Years70000NA
Ph.D. – Political Science3 Years7000060
Ph.D. – Sociology3 Years70000NA
Ph.D. – Soil Science3 Years70000NA
Ph.D. – Statistics3 Years7000060
Ph.D. – Urdu3 Years7000060
Ph.D. – Zoology3 Years70000NA

Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidates can apply for the Under Graduate programs based on the Intermediate Part – I result, however after the result declaration of Part – II, candidates need to submit the complete result to make the admissions secure in the University.
  • For MPhil programs, GAT ( General ) will be considered.
  • For Ph.D. programs, FAT ( Subjective ) will be considered.
  • Students who clear the UET Test ( E- CAT ) can apply to different Engineering Programs
  • Read the complete details in the advertisement notice.

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BZU Admissions Schedule

Posted On06 Jun
Last Date for BS programsupdate soon
Last Date for Ph.D. / MPhil / Master Programsupdate soon

How to Apply for BZU Admissions?

  • Candidates who meet the required criteria can apply ONLINE for admissions on the University website
  • Candidates must visit the website and read the details before applying for Admissions.

Advertisement of BZU Admissions

BZU Admissions Multan 2023 | BZU Online Admission All Program List
BZU Admissions Multan 2024 | BZU Online Admission All Program List

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