Smart Syllabus 2020 For Class 1st to 10th Class

Smart Syllabus 2020 For Class 1st to 10th Class.The Government of Pakistan decide to launch smart syllabus for various classes due covid 19

Smart syllabus from class 1st to class 10th for short study material to facilities the students will be prepared for 6 months. Smart Syllabus will include selected topic from all subjects students will compulsory to prepared these topics. A critical review of Smart Slabs was conducted under the chairmanship of Dr. Zulfiqar Saqib. Fifteen senior teachers from District Lahore have been included in the committee to review the syllabus.

Download Smart Syllabus 2020 For Class 1st to 10th Class

Smart Syllabus 1 to 5 Class 2020-21

For the class of 1 and 5 students will follow smart syllabus ad download performa by given below link

Smart Syllabus 6 to 8 Class 2020-21

Latest Revised Syllabus for Class 7 and Class 8 has been prepared for the students. Class 7 Revised Short Syllabus can be download freely download  by given below links

Smart Syllabus 9th to 10th Class 2020-21

Students class of 9 and 10 download their smart syllabus students will prepapred exam which held according government schedule

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