SNGPL Duplicate Bill 2024 Download – Sui Northern Gas Bill Online

SNGPL Duplicate Bill 2024 Download - Sui Northern Gas Bill Online
SNGPL Duplicate Bill

SNGPL Duplicate Bill 2024 Download – Sui Northern Gas Bill Online.A large number of Sui northern gas consumers are using these facilities.But due to lack of knowledge they face many problems to pay Bills.Now don’t worry about any thing of Sui northern gas OR any other information.At this page we are sharing details SNGPL duplicates bill information ,bill payment , types of SNGPL bill , SNGPL calculations and other necessary information available at and in multiple situations you can get SNGPL duplicates bill. first condition if you are getting bill too late and second you have lost copy of your SNGPL bill so in these situations you can easily get copy of duplicate bill and print it.

  If you want to get your duplicate gas bill from the SNGPL office, you will need to provide your consumer number and proof of identity. You may also be required to pay a small fee for the duplicate bill.But now you can get duplicate gas bill free of cost from online official website.

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This complete process for getting duplicate will be described in next few paragraph.
As we know Pakistan is going to be digital ,every one will be expert on computing and other companies will be providing online solutions of every problem.

What is SNGPL Sui Northern Gas?

SNGP Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited is Pakistan’s largest gas company exist in North Central of Pakistan and serving almost 6 millions plus consumers all over pakistan included Punjab,PKP,AJK and Balochistan.The Head Office of SNGPL is located in Lahore Punjab, Pakistan and the main function area is transmission and distribution of Gas among the all provinces of Pakistan according consumption.

This company also works like a Water & Power Development Authority WAPDA which distribute electricity and responsible to collection of bills.

What are SNGPL Bills?

SNGPL is Sui northern gas pipelines limited which provides the gas facilities by its pipeline.Pakistani citizen who wants to get gas connection they properly submit application form for gas meter,After approval of gas meter its installed with SNGPL and read how must gas you have been consumed according your consumption you will paid the SNGPL bill every month. there are different types of bill details below.

SNGPL Bill Types:

There are four types of SNGPL bills you can installed according you requirement,the complete details available of these bill at official site of

  • Normal Bill
  • Estimated (Provisional) Bill
  • Minimum Bill
  • Sticky / Stopped Meter Bill

How to get SNGPL Duplicate Bill Online?

In order to check or get your SNGPL Duplicate bill online you need to just follow simple steps and easily view or print your sngpl bill

Step 1: First go to Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited official website
Step 2: Choose a category of the bill you want to view or print SNGPL Duplicate bill either Domestic, Commercial or Industrial.
Step 3: Provide the Bill Id to download the Domestic or Commercial Consumer bill and hit the submit button.
Step 4: Your SNGPL generated in just few seconds. Now You can view it, download it and even print it out by pressing CTRL+P

Functional Areas Under SNGPLSui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited

Punjab Province DistrictsKPK Province Districts
DG KhanCharsadda
MultanDera Ismail Khan

People also ask (Frequently Asked Question’s Answers)

How do I print a duplicate Sui gas bill?

It is easy process to get SNGPL duplicate bill you need to just open sui gass and entering your 10-digit Customer no. Find this customer number in your previous months bill as shown & print your duplicate gas bill.

How is Sui gas bill calculated?

Calculations of SNGPL Bill are based on the Meter Type of Cubic Meter.Complete 8 digits appearing on meter counter should be punched in Reading column. System will automatically arrange m3 for calculation purpose.

  • Previous Reading
  • Current Reading
  • Previous Reading Date
  • Current Reading Date
  • GCV
  • Pressure
How is Sui gas bill calculated
SNGPL Duplicate Bill 2024 Download – Sui Northern Gas Bill Online

How do I change my name on my Sui gas bill?

You need to following documents are required for change of name on sui gas bill

  1. Application for Change of Name from the present owner
  2. Copy of last paid bill
  3. Copy of Property sale deed (duly attested) in the name of the new owner
  4. Copies of CNICs of the present owner.
  5. Affidavit also required

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